Frequently Asked Questions


 How To Download Coloring Pages On Desktop ?

  1. Left Click Image To Open In LIGHT-BOX

  2. Click Right Button Mouse To Open Options, Once Open Click Open Image In New Tab

  3. Once New Tab Opens, Open New Tab

  4. Click Image With Right Button Mouse To Open Options And Then Click Save Image As

  5. Once A Folder Opens, Select Where You Want To Save Coloring Page And Left Click Save

How To Download Images On Mobile And Tablets ?

  1. Hold Down Image And Options Will Appear.

  2. Select Open Image In New Tab

  3. Once Image Appears In New Tap Hold Image Again For Options To Appear

  4. Once Options Appear Select Download Image

How To Recommend Coloring Pages ?

A- Go to request Coloring Pages A

B- fill Out The Form And Mister Coloring Will Add That Coloring Page To The Catalog.